Blue Marlin

The 1937 Camper & Nicholson International 12 Metre Yacht - Now Available for Charter

Charter and sail the Blue Marlin

Imagine taking your friends out for an unforgettable day with a real Twelve Metre. We provide you with an exclusive tour of Helsinki city center by boat with views of the Suomenlinna Fortress as well as the Finnish Archipelago. 

Included in the tour are some refreshments, but we recommend you to combine your trip with dining at the wonderful NJK Yacht Club Restaurant which happens to be both the starting and ending harbour of your journey. The Restaurant and Sauna must be booked separately.

Included in the package is a professional crew and captain who will do their utmost so that your guests will have a wonderful stay. If the weather is not on your side that day, Blue Marlin carries foul weather gear for all of your guests in different sizes.

The maximum number of guests allowed onboard is 12 and lifevest are mandatory for all during the duration of your cruise.

The 72’ ex-T.O.M. Sopwith racing Twelve Metre has been rebuilt to the highest specifications and has many modern amenities that make cruising a comfortable experience. The boat is outfitted with an indoor bathroom, running water as well as heating.

On behalf of the team and the crew, we would like to welcome you to our celebration of fine Finnish workmanship and Finnish naval traditions.


Included in the charter:

  • Professional Crew and Captain for 12 guests
  • Foul-weather gear for all guests
  • Lifevests for all guests
  • Refreshments

Blue Marlin is outfitted with:

  • Department of Transportation and CE class A Certified Seaworthiness
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • Kitchenette & Bathroom
  • Running water

The 1937 Classic Yacht is now available for exclusive Charter in and around Helsinki, Finland. If you are interested please click on this link.